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About us.

Women-owned and proud! When two determined dance parents saw how damp clothes and delicate shoes got stuffed together in dance bags, with chemical fresheners disguising the odor, they resolved to find a better way –and JoyThruDance was born. Sarah Joy and Maureen Throumoulos struck up a friendship, and later a business, during their daughters’ dance classes. Discussing the strong smell of ballet feet, the serious investment in dance essentials, and the scramble of dance life led to the concept and design of the JoyThruDance carrying bag/storage unit and reVIVE packs of activated charcoal. With the detailed precision and conscious intention that define the dancer lifestyle, JoyThruDance protects the essentials, the time and the well-being of dancers everywhere.

Sarah Joy

Sarah is an accomplished educator and parent of three. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in human development, elementary education and special education at SUNY Geneseo; and a Master of Science degree in literacy education at Nazareth College. She has taught at Nazareth College, the Penfield Central School District and the Harley School in Rochester, New York.

Maureen Throumoulos

Maureen is a professional educator and parent of three, with teaching experience in several school districts in greater Rochester. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Nazareth College, and two degrees from St. John Fisher College: a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, and a Master of Science degree in special education.