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The Original JoyThru™ Dance Bag Organizer

Specializing in making the dance experience effortless.

Patent Pending

JoyThru™ Dance Bag

Grace under pressure unfolds with our bag. As a bacteria-fighting storage system designed for busy dancers, our all-purpose dance bag keeps you ready to dance without missing a beat.

reVIVE Activated Charcoal Packet

Our reVIVE packs extend the life of your pointe shoes, absorb moisture, and fight odor by preventing mildew and bacteria. Each mesh pod holds a reVIVE activated charcoal packet to fight odor and humidity. Starter packs and refill packs include four reVIVE packets.

Revolutionize your routine

Durable construction in a sleek design protects your investment and stands up to the demands of dance life, with straps that adjust to your comfort and preference.

Attached hanger

Our attached hanger creates a pop-up dressing station to keep you on top of your routine and keep clothes off the ground.

Smart storage pods

Storage pods attach with snag-resistant hook and loop fasteners to hold pointe shoes, street shoes, or your go-to footwear. Flexible mesh pockets hold the tiniest items. Two clear pods track your essentials at a glance.

Detachable compartments

Removable pockets create a place for every dance essential: separating laundry, clean clothes and pointe shoes, with detachable mesh pods and laundry bag to throw soiled clothes into the wash. 

Converts to a backpack in seconds

Using the strap adjuster, make the strap as long as possible.

Release the clips and manuever the strap adjuster through each upper ring, clipping to the lower rings.

Adjust the straps to a comfy position and you’re ready to go!

Uma Deming

Corp de Ballet Dancer, New York City Ballet

Jessica Tretter

Soloist, Rochester City Ballet

Vivian Li

Ballet Trainee, Joffrey Ballet

Riley Bevilacqua

Freshman, Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase

Proud Sponsor of Youth America Grand Prix

Youth America Grand Prix, Inc. is the world’s largest non-profit international student ballet competition and scholarship program, open to dance students of all nationalities, 9–19 years old.