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“I’ve always been a culprit of putting unnecessary items in my dance bag, losing things left and right, and being altogether unorganized. The new JoyThruDance bag is a game changer. You can change the way of carrying it from a tote style, to backpack style (which is my favorite). There are compartments to keep your pointe shoes, leotards, hair stuff etc, separated. One of my favorite parts is the hanger. I love keeping it hung in my dressing room. There truly is no bag on the market like this.”

Uma Deming

Corp de Ballet Dancer, New York City Ballet

“I love this bag! Normally all of my dance paraphernalia is thrown in one giant sack that I have to rummage through every day to find what I need. JoyThru’s bag makes everything accessible and easily organized! I can arrange my shoe options for each day in a way that I can see which pair I am putting on, I can always find my deodorant easily, and my Jet glue stays separate and contained. And that’s only a few of the amazing perks of this bag! It stays so clean on the inside which is great for my Therabands that always get dusty! And everything smells fresh and gets dry every night. My favorite aspect of the bag is that I can hang it up at night. My toe pads are fresh and dry every morning! I definitely recommend this sleek and stylish bag to keep your hectic rehearsal days more organized!”

Jessica Tretter

Soloist, Rochester City Ballet

“The JoyThru bag is the perfect bag to carry around everything I need from ballet class to rehearsal. As a trainee at the Joffrey Ballet, I move around a lot throughout the day to different studios and the JoyThru bag holds everything from my lacrosse balls to roll out, to all my different pointe shoes that I change into depending on the rehearsal. The quality of this bag as a whole along with the clasps and zippers are sturdy and I’m confident that the bag will remain in stellar condition throughout consistent use. My favorite parts of this bag are the odor prevention sacs and the detachable laundry bag to stay fresh and clean!”

Vivian Li

Bailet Trainee, Joffrey Ballet

“I am currently a freshman at the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College. I have been dancing for 14 years. I am from Rochester, NY. I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for JoyThruDance. Their dance bags are amazing. These bags are very nice and very useful for all of my dance supplies. All of the individual parts of the bag help me to keep all of my dance supplies, pointe shoes and ballet shoes organized.”

Riley Bevilacqua

Freshman, Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase

“The JoyThru Dance bag has made traveling from the studio, to the theatre, and home so convenient! I can fit all my dance shoes, makeup, hair pins and hair spray all in one bag! It is an extremely easy bag to carry around as well!”

Kylee Curcio

Bailet Trainee, Tulsa Ballet