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How It All Began

Jan 16, 2020 | 0 comments

Welcome to our JoyThru Blog. We’re excited to share our vision, our passion for dance, and the business that’s women-owned and dance-family inspired. As the new year begins, we know that dancers, their families, and their teachers are busy. Amidst the intensive rehearsals and performances, it’s more important to hold onto the special moments. We aim to create those moments through family time, seamless routines, and that feeling of grace under pressure.


Women-owned, dance-family inspired

Our JoyThruDance Bag arose from necessity. As our daughters were in class, we shared the joy of watching them grow and dance. We also chatted about the strong smell of ballet feet and the continuous need to buy new supplies. We agreed that dancing is a lifestyle for the entire family. We would say, “If only we had a bag that would protect the shoes, fight the odor and keep the clothes dry.” Then ‘if only’ became ‘what if.’


Taking the leap

We took the leap into bringing this concept to market ourselves. We browsed, brainstormed, experimented and sought input from our daughters. Eventually, the JoyThruDance Bag was born. The beautiful sleek bag unfolds to work hard behind the scenes. It organizes and preserves a dancer’s prized ballet essentials.


Off and running

2020 is the year for spending time together and keeping it together, with the JoyThruDance Bag.